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This was my first time hiking the Marin Headlands since I was a young child. I've been missing out all these years!

You can click on each of these photos for a larger view. I took the pictures with my iPhone, which is all I had on this hike.

Photos from our hike )
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One more step forward in the Human Rights movement. Today is a good day.
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Some interesting (and amusing) data on the habits and personalities of straights and gays based on their habits on a popular online dating site. Although it's not strictly scientific, it may help to debunk a few myths:
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Why can't we declare tomorrow International Read The Koran Day?

Buy it, read it, understand it, and work on tolerance, love and understanding. Read the Bible too, if that's a book you haven't read.

That's my wish for tomorrow, a day where we also remember terrible things that humans did to each other, back in 2001. Let's stop with the bad stuff, m'kay?


eta: I meant this morning to post this public on both LiveJournal and Dreamwidth, but technology conspired against me and it was friendslocked on dw and private on lj. It's open now on both...I hope.
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Many years ago, when the world was younger than it is today, there were no tongs at all. In those dark days, our ancestors had to pick up food with their bare hands. They were brutal times. Civilization has come a long way since those forgotten days....or has it?

The idea struck me the day after I had been home with a cold. I don't think I was contagious, but maybe I was. I was in line at the cafeteria, eyeing the chocolate chip cookies, when I decided (of course) to purchase one. I grabbed the handy tongs that sat by the cookie bin, grabbed a cookie with them, and placed the cookie on my tray.

Then it hit me. Every person who had procured a cookie that day had touched those tongs. Every one who purchased a cookie after me would be holding the tongs that I had touched. The tongs weren't making cookie grabbing safer, they were actually making it more dangerous.

And so, even though I have absolutely no paranoia about disease, and in fact I think this concept is somewhat silly, I am here to announce that the day of Personal Tongs is about to arrive.

It's time for all corporations that want to make tons of money prey on our fear of disease responsibly ensure our public health to step forward and start making custom, personal, portable tongs for us to slip through a belt loop or into a purse and carry with us wherever we go. Pop Tart stuck in the toaster? No problem, I've got my tongs. Can't reach the donut in the back of the case? Yes you can; you brought your tongs. Tennis ball stuck in the rain gutter? No problem...oh, wait. Maybe we'll just use a stick for that one.

Bamboo tongs, collapsible stainless-steel tongs, Swiss Army tongs, hand-blown glass tongs, recycled plastic tongs, biodegradable tongs, teak tongs, pleather tongs, mastodon tusk tongs. The time has come for hygienic personal portable tongs.

And, hey, this idea makes way more sense than bottling tap water, shipping it across the country and selling it at a 5000% markup.

I'm sure you are skeptical. But if you think about what you would do if you had your own personal tongs with you at all times, I think you'll come around to my way of thinking.

Give it a year, maybe two. Keep a weather eye open. Personal tongs are coming. They're practically here.

You read it here first.


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